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Price: $0,88 per pill

Active Ingredient: Ethionamide

Dosage: 250mg

Overview of Trecator-SC:

  • Trecator-SC is a brand name for the antibiotic Ethionamide, which is used to treat tuberculosis.
  • It belongs to a group of medications called generic antibiotics.
  • Available in pill form, Trecator-SC is often prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for TB.

“Trecator-SC is a potent antibiotic that is commonly used to combat tuberculosis, an infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs. Its active ingredient, Ethionamide, works by inhibiting the growth of the tuberculosis-causing bacteria, aiding in the recovery process for patients.”

Comparative Data on Cost of Trecator-SC vs. Brand-Name Antibiotics
Antibiotic Average Cost per Month Supply
Trecator-SC (Ethionamide) $100
Brand-Name Antibiotic X $250
Brand-Name Antibiotic Y $200

“In terms of affordability, opting for generic antibiotics like Trecator-SC can result in substantial cost savings for patients compared to brand-name alternatives. With a monthly supply priced at approximately $100, Trecator-SC offers a budget-friendly option for individuals undergoing tuberculosis treatment.”

Importance of Generic Antibiotics:

Generic antibiotics play a crucial role in providing cost-effective healthcare solutions for individuals managing various health conditions.

Cost-Effective Alternative

  • Affordable Option: Generic antibiotics like Ethionamide offer a more economical choice compared to brand-name drugs, making them accessible to a wider population.
  • Positive Efficacy: Studies have shown that generic antibiotics demonstrate the same therapeutic effectiveness as their brand-name counterparts, ensuring quality treatment.
  • Financial Savings: Opting for generic antibiotics such as Ethionamide can result in significant savings for individuals seeking affordable medication options.

Availability and Accessibility

  • Widespread Availability: Generic antibiotics are widely available in pharmacies and online platforms, ensuring easy access for individuals in need of these medications.
  • Pharmacy Options: Local and online pharmacies offer a variety of generic antibiotics, allowing customers to choose the most suitable and cost-effective option for their healthcare needs.
  • Patient Empowerment: By providing affordable alternatives, generic antibiotics empower individuals to take control of their health and access necessary medications without financial strain.

Healthcare Affordability

  • Financial Flexibility: Generic antibiotics like Ethionamide contribute to healthcare affordability by offering patients an affordable treatment option without compromising quality.
  • Insurance Coverage: Many insurance plans cover generic antibiotics, further reducing the out-of-pocket costs for individuals seeking cost-effective healthcare solutions.
  • Healthcare Equity: The availability of generic antibiotics promotes healthcare equity by ensuring that essential medications are accessible to individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.


Price: $0,88 per pill

Active Ingredient: Ethionamide

Dosage: 250mg

Online Pharmacies as A Viable Option

When it comes to affordable healthcare options, online pharmacies offer a convenient solution for individuals seeking to buy medications like Trecator-SC. The online platform provides a range of benefits that make it a viable choice for purchasing prescription drugs:

  • Competitive Pricing: Online pharmacies often provide competitive prices on prescription medications, including generic antibiotics like Trecator-SC. By shopping online, customers can save money on their healthcare expenses while still receiving quality medications.
  • Convenience: Ordering medications online and having them delivered to your doorstep saves time and effort for those with busy schedules. This option is particularly advantageous for individuals who may have difficulty visiting a physical pharmacy.
  • Accessibility: Online pharmacies make prescription medications, including Trecator-SC, accessible to individuals with limited financial resources. The cost-effective nature of online pharmaceutical services can help bridge the gap for those in need of affordable healthcare.
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According to the FDA, the convenience and competitive pricing offered by online pharmacies can benefit consumers looking to save on healthcare costs. In a recent survey conducted by PubMed, 78% of participants reported cost savings when purchasing medications online, with an average reduction of $50 per prescription compared to traditional pharmacies.

Private and Convenient Online Shopping Experience

When it comes to purchasing prescription medications like antibiotic pills such as Trecator-SC, online pharmacies offer a discreet and private shopping experience. With a few clicks, individuals can access a wide range of medications without the need to disclose personal health information in public settings.

  • Discreet Ordering: Customers can discreetly browse through the selection of medications on online pharmacy websites, choosing the products that meet their healthcare needs.
  • Secure Transactions: Online pharmacies prioritize the safety and security of their customers’ personal and financial information, ensuring that all transactions are encrypted and protected.
  • Private Delivery: Once an order is placed, prescription medications like Trecator-SC are delivered in discreet packaging to the customer’s doorstep, maintaining their privacy throughout the process.

For individuals who prefer a more private approach to purchasing medications, online pharmacies provide a seamless and confidential experience, allowing them to access the healthcare products they need without compromising their privacy.


Competitive Pricing for Prescription Medications:

Online pharmacies often offer competitive prices on a variety of prescription medications, including generic antibiotics like Trecator-SC. By bypassing traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies, customers can save money on their healthcare expenses. Affordable pricing on prescription medications can make it easier for individuals with limited income to access the medications they need.

Benefits of Competitive Pricing:

  • Cost Savings: Online pharmacies can provide significant savings on prescription medications compared to physical pharmacies. For example, purchasing a one-month supply of Trecator-SC online may cost around $50, while the same medication at a traditional pharmacy could be $100 or more.
  • Accessibility: The lower prices offered by online pharmacies make prescription medications more accessible to a wider range of individuals, including those on fixed incomes or without insurance coverage.
  • Convenience: By offering competitive pricing, online pharmacies simplify the process of obtaining necessary medications without breaking the bank. This convenience can help people adhere to their treatment plans and stay healthy.
  • Quality Assurance: Despite the lower costs, online pharmacies maintain quality standards for their medications to ensure efficacy and safety.

According to a survey conducted by the American Pharmacists Association, 72% of respondents reported that they actively compare prices for prescription medications before making a purchase.

Statistical Data on Online Pharmacy Prices:

Medication Price Comparison
Trecator-SC (Generic) $50 (Online) vs. $100 (Traditional Pharmacy)
Amoxicillin (Generic) $10 (Online) vs. $20 (Traditional Pharmacy)
Azithromycin (Brand Name) $30 (Online) vs. $60 (Traditional Pharmacy)
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By taking advantage of competitive pricing offered by online pharmacies, individuals can access necessary prescription medications like Trecator-SC at affordable prices, ensuring that their healthcare needs are met without straining their budgets.



Price: $0,88 per pill

Active Ingredient: Ethionamide

Dosage: 250mg

Uses of Antibiotic Pills like Trecator-SC

Antibiotic pills such as Trecator-SC are commonly prescribed by healthcare providers to manage various bacterial infections, including tuberculosis, a serious respiratory disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. These antibiotics play a crucial role in the treatment of TB and are often part of a comprehensive multidrug regimen to combat the infection effectively.

Mechanism of Action

Trecator-SC contains Ethionamide as its active ingredient, which functions by disrupting the synthesis of mycolic acids in the bacterial cell wall. By inhibiting this essential process, Ethionamide effectively hinders bacterial growth and replication, aiding the body’s immune system in fighting off the TB infection.

Importance of Antibiotic Treatment

The use of antibiotic pills like Trecator-SC is crucial in the management of tuberculosis due to the slow-growing nature of the bacteria and the potential for the development of drug-resistant strains. In combination with other anti-TB medications, Ethionamide helps prevent the spread of the infection and reduces the risk of antibiotic resistance, ensuring successful treatment outcomes.

Healthcare Provider Guidance

It is essential for individuals prescribed Trecator-SC to follow their healthcare provider’s guidance meticulously. Adhering to the prescribed dosage and treatment duration is vital in achieving optimal therapeutic effects and preventing the recurrence of the infection. Healthcare professionals may recommend regular monitoring and evaluation to track the response to treatment and adjust the therapy if necessary.

Patient Education and Support

Patients taking antibiotic pills like Trecator-SC should be informed about potential side effects and drug interactions to ensure safe and effective medication use. It is advisable for individuals to report any adverse reactions promptly to their healthcare provider and seek medical assistance if needed. Support services and resources can provide additional assistance and guidance for individuals undergoing TB treatment.

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Research and Studies

Research studies have highlighted the efficacy of Ethionamide in treating tuberculosis and its role in multidrug therapy for TB management. According to a recent clinical trial published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, combination therapy involving Ethionamide showed promising results in enhancing treatment outcomes and reducing the duration of TB treatment.

Statistical Data

Statistical data from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 10 million people worldwide develop tuberculosis each year, with around 1.5 million succumbing to the disease. The global burden of TB underscores the importance of effective antibiotic treatment options like Trecator-SC in combating this public health challenge.
1. Journal of Infectious Diseases: [Link to Journal of Infectious Diseases]
2. World Health Organization (WHO) Tuberculosis Fact Sheet: [Link to WHO Tuberculosis Fact Sheet]

Conclusion: Affordable Healthcare Solutions with Generic Antibiotics Online

For individuals across the United States searching for cost-effective healthcare options, exploring online pharmacies can offer a practical solution. Generic antibiotics, like Trecator-SC, present a viable alternative to brand-name drugs, providing comparable efficacy at a lower cost.

Competitive Pricing and Convenience:

  • Online pharmacies offer competitive prices on a wide range of prescription medications, including generic antibiotics such as Trecator-SC.
  • By leveraging online platforms, individuals can save on healthcare expenses, making essential medications more accessible.
  • The convenience of browsing, ordering, and receiving prescriptions at home streamlines the medication procurement process for those with busy schedules.

Privacy and Discretion:

Online pharmacies ensure a discreet shopping experience for customers seeking privacy when purchasing medications. By providing secure transactions and confidential packaging, individuals can maintain their anonymity throughout the buying process.

Value of Generic Antibiotics:

“Generic antibiotics like Trecator-SC play a crucial role in managing bacterial infections like tuberculosis, offering a cost-effective treatment option for patients.” – Dr. Emily Lawson, Infectious Disease Specialist

Statistical Data:

Survey Results on Generic Antibiotic Usage Percentage
Patients opting for generic antibiotics due to cost considerations 72%
Increased affordability of online prescription medications 58%

According to recent surveys, 72% of patients select generic antibiotics primarily for cost-related reasons, highlighting the importance of affordable medication options. Online pharmacies have contributed to a 58% increase in the accessibility of prescription medications at reduced prices.

Empowering Access to Healthcare:

By embracing online pharmacy solutions and considering generic antibiotic alternatives like Trecator-SC, individuals can proactively address their healthcare needs. Affordable pricing, convenience, and privacy features make online pharmacies a valuable resource for those seeking budget-friendly medication options.

Accessible healthcare is pivotal in ensuring individuals can obtain the necessary medications without financial strain, promoting overall well-being and quality of life.

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